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Member Newsletter

Click to view and download the PDF of the quarterly newsletter for our members. 

Regular Columns: 
President's Corner
Bench Tips
The Tool Junkie
Members in the News

2011 PSG WInter Newsletter 2011 PSG WInter Newsletter (5513 KB)

 In This Issue...
Jewelry and Wearable Arts at the Art Alliance of Oxford
The Allentown Art Museum Show
Tool Junkie
Tim McCreight Workshop
Help Wanted
Worth Web Watching


2010 PSG Summer Newsletter 2010 PSG Summer Newsletter (4119 KB)

 In This Issue...
Change is Good
PSG Workshops
Keys to Success
New PSG Website Launch
PSG Picnic
Help Wanted


Spring 2010 Member Newsletter Spring 2010 Member Newsletter (7056 KB)

 In This Issue...
Keeping with the PSG Mission
The Key To Success: Don't Let Your Packaging Sabotage Your Work
Obituary: Heikki Seppa
PSG Rock and Tool Swap
Workshop Review: Blacksmithing For Jewelers
Bench Tips: Pickling Tiny Items
PSG Insurance Seminar Review


Winter 2009 Member Newsletter Winter 2009 Member Newsletter (2558 KB)

 In This Issue...
Some Things To Be Thankful For
There's an App for That
Report from Rosen Summer 09 Buyer's Market (Favre)
The Key To Success: Isn't It Romantic?
Show Review: Monsoon Gallery
Bench Tips: Perfect Jump Rings
Workshop Review: Keum Boo and Po Mok San Dum
Revere Announces 12th Master's Symposium

Fall 2009 Member Newsletter Fall 2009 Member Newsletter (5615 KB)

 In this issue...
Rust Never Sleeps
Bench Tips - Bench Organization
PSG Pre-SNAG Conference Workshop Reviews
Call for Entry:  Delaware Center for Horticulture
The Key to Success: Image Is Everything
Report from Summer 09 Rosen Buyer's Market
Call for Entry: Monsoon Gallery Show
Niche Top Retailer Awards Nomination Report

Summer 2009 Member Newsletter Summer 2009 Member Newsletter (3212 KB)

In this issue...
Politics of Art / Art of Politics
Annual Picnic / General Meeting
FAQs - Finding Good Shows
Wayne Art Center's First PSG Show
Workshop News
The Keys to Success - Marketing Tips You Can Really Use
Betty Helen Longhi Workshop Review
The Rosen Show - 2 PSG Artists' Impressions
PSG's Niche Award Nominations

Spring 2009 Member Newsletter Spring 2009 Member Newsletter (2074 KB)

In this issue...
Best of times, worst of times
Thank You (from Lexi)
2008 Annual Holiday Sale Review
SNAG 2009 Pre-Conference Workshops
2009 SNAG Philadelphia Conference Schedule

Fall 2008 Member Newsletter Fall 2008 Member Newsletter (2550 KB)

In this issue...
Coming full circle
A New Day
Spot On... Lexi Erickson
Product Review... Digital Concepts Portable Lighting Studio
Workshop Reviews:  Betty Helen Longhi and Cynthia Eid
PSG Visits The Calder Show at Philadelphia Museum of Art
Todd Reed Workshop Review

Spring 2008 Member Newsletter Spring 2008 Member Newsletter (1031 KB)

In this issue...
Ask the Pros
The Arts Scene Show Review
2008 Spring Rosen Show Review
Fall 2008 Monsoon Show Review
PSG Receives National Coverage
PSG All Members Show Call for Artists