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PSG Workshop -"In the Line Of Fire" a Torch Firing workshop taught by Anne Havel

Capacity: 8


Anne Havel - "Line of Fire"


October 21 & 22, 2017, 9 am to 5 pm
Delaware Art Museum
2301 Kentmere Pkwy, Wilmington, DE 19806

Anne Havel - Torch Firing WorkshopAnne Havel - Torch Firing Workshop 

Anne Havel - Torch Firing WorkshopAnne Havel - Torch Firing WorkshopAnne Havel - Torch Firing Workshop
Using a torch, we will cover various methods of line creation to create the imagery and feeling one is trying to convey. successive layers of liquids & sgraffito, transparents, opaques, graphite, acid-etching, acrylic enamel lines, under/& over-firing, and more will be used to build and preserve drawings in the final piece. No matter the student's skill level, there will be the opportunity to immerse oneself in new ideas and principles. Cold-connection and minimal soldering skill options for your piece(s) can be explored.
  • Torch safety and how to use an acetylene/air torch
  • tip sizes 1,2, and 3 using a smith acetylene/air torch
  • ways of containing the heat so the enamels will flow more easily and quickly (small pieces will flow using various methods)
  • the beauty of firescale and its use in torch-firing
  • Preparation of metal for enameling
  • metal-forming to create more stable pieces
  • use of necessary small tools for creation of the pieces such as riveting hammers, forming hammers, jewelers saw, files, sandpaper or wheels (if available), scratching tools, and other tools, should they become necessary
  • use of liquid enamels for counter-enameling and for sgraffito purposes, as well as powdered enamels
  • creation of lines within the drawings using sgraffito, underglaze, graphite and acid-etching, fine-mesh sifting
  • under-firing (sugar firing and orange peel), maturity firing, and over-firing, and how to recognize when each is occurring
  • If interested in jewelry, various setting options.
  • enable new students of enameling to be able to continue to torch-fire at home after the class.
  • Present those who are already enameling new information about torch-firing and/or enameling techniques that they may not have in their skill sets.
  • Inspire more people to pursue the art of enameling, generate enthusiasm, and increase the dialogue around the art-form, even if they choose to use their skills with a kiln.
  • Completed piece(s)/jewelry that the student can take away with him/her.
  • Demonstrate to the students that, while torch-firing is not necessarily hard, it is a more time-consuming process than kiln firing.
  • Help each student with their vision, should they have one.
  • Learn from each other. Everyone has something to teach.
Students need to bring- tinted eye protection, dust/ fume mask, old magazines or catalogs, fairley fine paint brushes- at least 2 ( the particulars are in the word doc), eye dropper, one plastic container with lid about 16 oz, 2 jars about 12- 16 oz for water, copper sheet 20-22 gauge and/ or copper shapes student may have ( they will be starting small with pieces inder 1 inch).  Details below. 
  • tinted eye protection. Arrow Springs. Choose what you like best; no need to spend the big $$.
  • dust/fumes mask. I bought this on ebay for $40: NORTH BY HONEYWELL 7781P100M, North 7700 Series
  • a couple old magazines or catalogues
  • fairly fine paint brushes—at least 2. some of my favorites are thompson m-16B brush for one of them, Blick Master Natural Brush - Round, 3/0 Item#: 05832-7030
  • Blick Master Natural Brush - Round, Size 0 Item#: 05832-1000
  • blick items 05837-1001 and 05837-1002. you can use all these blick brushes as a guide to the sizes to buy.
  • saw frame and blades, 2/0 or 3/0 being best
MATERIALS FEE PER STUDENT: $25, to be charged by school 
Schedule:  9:00 am - 5 pm both days, with 1/2 hour lunch break
Class level:  Beyond beginner, torch and jewelers saw experience needed 
Price:  $280 (PSG members)  $320 (Non-members) (Join PSG)
Lunch options are available at the Museum Cafe.  Alternatively, You can bring lunch in a cooler each day or there are assorted eateries a short drive from the museum.

You may reserve your space in this workshop by paying at least 50% of the workshop cost at this time.  This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  The balance of the workshop fee is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.  Please contact Caryn Hetherston with any questions regarding the workshop reservation or to make special payment arrangements.
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